Guest: Studiotrade meeting
Host: Voarte (Portugal)

Attending performances and screenings of Inshadow - 5th International Festival for Video, Performance and Technology organized by Voarte.
Meeting between founder members and extended partners. Final decisions for Studiotrade focus during next Tanzmesse in Düsseldorf programmed in August 2014 + the 1st Studiotrade dance & video platform organized on the 20th and 21st of Septembre 2014 for the next International Dance Biennial of Lyon.
What Voarte could provide: pass ticket for Inshadow Festival, meeting space, 1 night-accomodation, 2 meals, organization

Guest: Robby Graham (UK)
Host: Compagnie Humaine (France)

Creation residency on Robby Graham's new piece titled "Men on a mission".
Work in progress presented to professionals as a showcase for the International Dance Festival of Cannes on the 24th of November. What Compagnie Humaine could provide: studio space, accommodations, organization and pr, per diems, technical support (equipment and technician), travel costs

13 & 14.09.2013
Guest: Collectif ES (Lyon), Jelena Kostic (Tilburg) and Marion Dieterle / Dossier 3D Poetry (Cologne)
Host: Studio 11 Köln (Germany)

The Collectif ES and Jelena Kostic were offered a 1 week residency from 9 – 13 September to work on the presentation / start their research of the work. The performance nights ended with an artist talk about the network, the necessity of networking and of artistic residencies. Guest members were Anna Alexandre from Stéla (Fr. Sept. 13) and Heleen Volma from Dans Brabant (Sat Sept. 14) What Studio 11 Köln could provide: studio space, accommodation, organization and pr, per diems, technical support (equipment and technician), travel costs for 1,5 groups

Guest: Snaedis Ingadottir (Island)
Host: Studio 11 Köln (Germany)

Residency for a new project about “leaving /saying goodbye”.
Showing for the local scene.
What Studio 11 Köln could provide: studio space, accommodation, organization and pr, dramaturge, showing

27.07.–10.08.2013 / 27.10.–07.11.2013
Guest: Marion Dieterle / Dossier 3D Poetry (Germany)
Host: Studio 11 Köln (Germany)

Silke Z./ resistdance co-produced the young choreographer Marion Dieterle. Marion had a residency in Island at Dansvaerkstaedis and a residency in Studio 11 for her premiere of “Moving Home”.
What Studio 11 Köln could provide: Summer 2013 - travel costs to Island (2 flights) / Autumn 2013 - studio space in Cologne 3 weeks, technical support including equipment and light design (technician and technical equipment), organisation and pr

Guest: Compagnie Humaine (France)
Host: Zodiac (Finland)

Research and film making sessions during 5 weeks for Eric Oberdorff and its new videodance creation titled "Consolation" with 6 dancers and 2 actors and 1 musician.
What Zodiak could provide: accomodations and production counselling, contacts with Finish partners.

Guest: Studiotrade meeting
Host: Stéla - DesArts//DesCinés (France)

Welcoming of French Studiotrade members to attend Voarte site-specific performance in Saint-Etienne. Visit of Le Croiseur Scène 7 in Lyon in order to go further and organize the 1st Studiotrade plateform for the next Biennale de la Danse de Lyon in september 2014, with the support of Stéla - DesArts//DesCinés.
What Stéla could provide: organization, accomodations, meals, trips.

Guest: Voarte - CIM Co (Portugal)
Host: Stéla - DesArts//DesCinés (France)

Residency for the creation of a dance & videodance project including valid and handicapped inhabitants of Saint-Etienne titled " Memories of bodies, memories of miners".
Site-specific work in progress - dance performance, screening and discussion between participants, artists and publics.
Professional meetings with regional partners: Numeridanse.tv/Maison de la Danse of Lyon, Le Croiseur Scène 7 of Lyon, Compagnie Scalène / Collectif Mann'art(e) of Grenoble, Espace Paul Jargot of Crolles.
What Stéla could provide: studio space and site-specific spaces, organization, technique (equipment and professionals), accomodations, meals, travel costs, fees and pr.

08 & 09.02.2013
Guest: Studiotrade meeting
Host: Zodiac (Finland)

Discussion of new possible extended members (DanceCity, Le Croiseur Scène 7, Dans Brabant, Art Station Foundation). Lauching of the idea of Studiotrade plateforms organized in big international venues like Biennale de la Danse de Lyon or Tanzmesse 2014. Agenda for the next meetings of Studiotrade network.
Visits and meeting with both Finish companies willing to enter Studiotrade in 2014 (Liisa Pentti & Co and Kekalaïnen & Co).
What Zodiak could provide: pass ticket for the Festival, meals and meetings with Finish partners.

Guest: Sari Palmgren (Helsinki)
Host: Studio 11 Köln (Germany)

Residency for the first research phase of the “Earth Song “ Project.
Presentation for local colleagues.
Sari presented a studio version of the finished piece in December in Studio 11,
in the series “How Life Goes” (Wie Leben Geht).
What Studio 11 Köln could provide: studio space 2 weeks, organization, “outside eye” for feedback, showing, consulting of a media artist and communication designer

Guest: Asrun Magnusdottir (Iceland)
Host: Cie. Humaine (France)

Asrun Magnusdottir (Iceland) worked in Nice. She rehearsed her new work "Lovesick" with Austeja Vilkaityte (Lithuania), Lea Vendelbo Petersen (Denmark) and Lotta Soumi (Finnland).

Thanks to Studiotrade supports